Dog Taken Away from his new Family Just For Posting An Innocent Picture On Facebook

No one can imagine, to share a post on Facebook with dog can cause a great deal of anguish… Dan Tillery, a musician hailing from Waterford Township recently moved into a new house with his girlfriend, Megan. They were missing something that would complete their home, they decided to adopt a dog!

He was so happy with his friend, he shared a photo of himself with his new pup on Facebook. He didn’t realize that posting that picture would soon cause him a great deal of anguish…
The young couple was very happy with their Dog. They took pictures with him and shared with their friends on Facebook. The real happiness can be seen on their faces. When the staff from the Detroit Dog Rescue saw viral picture of Dog, they quickly post on their page and appreciate the love of this couple for Dog and describe their happiness.



But no one know what is going to be happen, a police officer came to their door one morning. As one of their Facebook friend informed police about their Dog. Police told him that this dog is a pit bull mix—a breed Waterford Township Police had previously banned.

They considered pit bulls to be dangerous dogs. Police gave Dan just three days to remove the pooch from his house. Dan took the case to court. It took 3 months, Dan and his lawyer to prove that this pit bull mix is not dangerous at all and should not be banned. That means it was completely legal for Dan to bring him home and keep him for good!

After the official ruling, Dan, his girlfriend, and their beloved Diggy were very happy to be reunited once and for all. They knew they belonged together, and there was nothing that could keep them apart from each other any longer.




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